Test of Disaster Recovery Environment Feb 07, 2019
What is occurring: Test of Disaster Recovery Environment
When it is occurring: Friday 22 February 2019 from 1900 CT to 0100 CT (Feb 23)
What is affected: AIR Card® Website and Phones

Estimated time of the outage: Intermittent outages of and the toll-free number of 866-308-3811 as they are are moved to the DR site at the beginning and the end of the test.

The duration of the test is estimated to be around 6 hours. However, AIR Card® systems and phones will only be unavailable during the actual cutover to the DR system at the beginning of the test and during the transition back to the production systems at the end of the test.

Purchasing Fuel with the Government AIR Card® May 29, 2018
Cardholders shall purchase fuel from the following resources and in the following order:
1) DoD Installations;
2) DLA Energy Into-plane Contract locations;
and only when necessary at non-contract locations.

Please submit questions, concerns or new requirements to
AIR Card® Authorized Fuel and Ground Service Products Jun 05, 2018
Below is a link to the current Authorized Product and Service List.