Outage Notification – Routine Maintenance Oct 03, 2022
What is occurring: Amazon RDS Maintenance
When is it occurring: Monday 17 October 2022 from 1500 CT to 1600 CT
What is affected: AIR Card®EAS

Estimated Window of Maintenance: 1 hour

Routine maintenance of the Amazon RDS DB instance. The AIR Card® EAS may experience a small window of disruption as the system switches to the secondary zone.
Purchasing Aviation Fuel with the DLA Energy AIR Card® Jun 03, 2020
Cardholders shall purchase fuel from the following resources and in the following order:
1) DoD Installations;
2) DLA Energy Into-plane Contract locations;
and only when necessary at non-contract locations.

Please submit questions, concerns or new requirements to
AIR Card® Authorized Fuel and Ground Service Products Dec 09, 2020
Below is a link to the current Authorized Product and Service List.