AIR Card® Outage Notification Nov 18, 2022
What is occurring: Microsoft Windows OS updates
When is it occurring: Sunday, 4 Dec 2022, 0500 CT to 0700 CT
What is affected: AIR Card® Merchant Ticket Copy. Download of documents stored in Filebound will be inaccessible from within AIR Card.

Estimated time of outage: 2 Hours
Report Manager Outage Nov 18, 2022
What is occurring: JasperSoft Database Update
When is it occurring: Sunday, Sunday, 4 Dec 2022, 0500 CT to 0530 CT
What is affected: AIR Card® Report Manager

The latest security patches will be applied to the database.

Estimated time of outage: 30 minutes
Report Manager Issue Nov 16, 2022
An issue has been identified with downloading reports in the Report Manager. If you receive an error when trying to download a report, as a workaround you can schedule the report and it will be emailed to you successfully.

To schedule a report, save the report as an ad hoc view and report. Navigate to View/Repository/My Reports/(Your Folder). Right click on the report from your folder and select “Schedule.” For instructions on how to schedule the report, see pg. 24 of the following tutorial.
Purchasing Aviation Fuel with the DLA Energy AIR Card® Jun 03, 2020
Cardholders shall purchase fuel from the following resources and in the following order:
1) DoD Installations;
2) DLA Energy Into-plane Contract locations;
and only when necessary at non-contract locations.

Please submit questions, concerns or new requirements to
AIR Card® Authorized Fuel and Ground Service Products Dec 09, 2020
Below is a link to the current Authorized Product and Service List.