AIR Card® Merchant Update Sep 21, 2023
Crowley Petroleum Distribution, Inc no longer accepts AIR Card®. Please select alternative merchants at ICAOs where Crowley was previously a preferred merchant. The web version of the FBO Locator no longer displays Crowley Petroleum at any location. The Apple and Android mobile applications are pending Apple and Android approval, which is expected by 4PM EST on 22 SEPT 2023. Please contact KHI 24/7 Customer Support for immediate AIR Card® assistance at:

US or Canada: 1-866-308-3811

Internationally: 913-217-9303

AIR Card® Outage Notification Sep 14, 2023
What is occurring: Microsoft Windows OS updates
When is it occurring: Sunday 01 OCT 2023 from 0500 CT to 0700 CT
What is affected: AIR Card® EAS – Merchant Ticket Copy Download

Estimated Window of Maintenance: 2 Hours

Expected maintenance is estimated to take 2 hours with reboots being performed as needed. The download of documents stored in Filebound will be inaccessible from within AIR Card®. Please be advised that the update will only impact the Merchant Ticket Copy Download.

AIR Card Reissuance Underway Sep 05, 2023
New AIR Cards will be embossed, and contain the identical card number that is currently active. The reissued cards will include an updated expiration date of 12/24. Cards will be distributed during the month of October.
AIR Card Shipping Address Aug 22, 2023
It is important to maintain accurate and detailed card shipping addresses which includes the name(s) of individuals that will receive the cards. By providing a recipient name this will prevent unnecessary delays or package returns.

Please log into the AIR Card EAS and confirm the card shipping address is accurate and includes recipient names.
Purchasing Aviation Fuel with the DLA Energy AIR Card® Jun 03, 2020
Cardholders shall purchase fuel from the following resources and in the following order:
1) DoD Installations;
2) DLA Energy Into-plane Contract locations;
and only when necessary at non-contract locations.

Please submit questions, concerns or new requirements to
AIR Card® Authorized Fuel and Ground Service Products Dec 09, 2020
Below is a link to the current Authorized Product and Service List.